What is wiGO Pay Network?

wiGO Pay Network is an airtime and utilities distribution platform. Members are given commissions in form of cashback for their own purchases and the purchases from persons they’ve invited to the network.

How does one join wiGO Pay Network?

Someone will introduce you to the business by sending you an invite code. You will then join the business by dialing *365# on your mobile handset, select “Join Network” option and thereafter follow the menu prompts. You can also join by clicking here

What are the requirements for joining wiGO Pay Network?

The requirements are very simple:

  1. You need an invite code – which will be supplied by the person who has introduced you to the business.
  2. You need to be an adult – you will be required to submit your ID details during registration
  3. You should have an active mobile number that is registered to a mobile money service
  4. You will be required to pay a registration fee to complete your registration
Can I join wiGO Pay Network without an invite code?

No. You must obtain an invite code from the person introducing you to the business in order to join wiGO Pay Network.

Can I join if I have a postpaid line?

Yes, you can join with either a postpaid or prepaid line.

The M-PESA menu for confirming payment does not pop-up when I buy airtime using USSD code *365#. What do I do?

Dial *234#Ok>M-pesa Products>Sim Card Upgrade to allow you to receive the STK push when transacting. If still unable to get it, you will have to update your SIM card. Contact the Mobile Network Operator for further assistance.

I get an error message when dialing *365#. What should I do?

Ensure you have at least Kes 1/- on your line then try again. If you still get an error, it means that the network systems are busy and therefore you will need to try again.

I bought airtime but did not receive it. What do I do?

Send the payment confirmation message either via SMS to 0702 918 033 for assistance. The airtime will be sent.

Can I withdraw earned money to my wallet or is it all to be converted into airtime?

You can withdraw earned money to your M-PESA wallet if

  1. You have bought airtime (for yourself or another number) totaling to the set requirement.
  2. Your accrued earnings are above the set minimum amounts.

If your business position does not meet the two set criteria, then you can only use your accrued earnings to purchase airtime.

I bought airtime by mistake, can you reverse the transaction?

No. Unfortunately, airtime transactions cannot be reversed.

Can I use the service to pay post-paid bills?

No. You can buy airtime for only prepaid lines and hybrid postpaid lines.

Can I interact with other members of wiGO Pay Network?

Yes and wiGO Pay Network provides the interaction opportunities. The person who introduced you to the business will facilitate your participation in available interactive sessions.

Can I exit wiGO Pay Network?

Yes. You can exit wiGO Pay Network at any time by a duly signed official letter.